5 Tips for Surviving a Job You Hate

So, you landed what you expected to be a great job and finally settled into the new position. There’s only one problem: you hate it! And now you find yourself indefinitely stuck trying to survive a job you really don’t like.

If switching occupations right now isn’t an option for you, here are five proven ways to help you survive your less-than-ideal job.

1. Practice self-care.

Journal, exercise, engage in hobbies you love, give yourself an at-home spa treatment—there are literally hundreds of ways to practice self-care. Working at a job you hate can be draining, but practicing self-care ensures your mind and body stay at their best.

2. Make specific goals for yourself at work.

Different from your normal job duties, what’s a meaningful goal you could set to work toward during the work week? Maybe that’s improving a certain skill, networking with others in your company, or pitching a new project idea to your boss. Get brainstorming!

3. Freshen up your workspace.

Rearrange your desk (maybe dust while you’re at it), decorate your cubicle with small personal items, bring in pictures from home, or hang up a fun calendar. Sometimes simply switching up your environment can make a noticeable, positive difference.

4. Utilize break time.

Sure, you could sit at your desk scrolling on your phone during break time, but try something new! Bring a favorite book to read or give a friend a quick call. If you can, get out of the office entirely and go for a walk outside or take a drive. Maximize the most of this downtime to give your mind a boost.

5. Write out how your job is contributing to your long-term goals.

Take a few minutes to list all the ways your position is helping you get to where you ultimately want to go. Maybe the work isn’t ideal now, but it’s gaining you experience for the job you really want down the road. Is it helping you hone important skills? Allowing you to pay the bills while you pursue passion projects on the side? However big or small, make a list of as many upsides you can and refer to it often.

Hang in there. You’ve got this.

Surviving a job you hate isn’t ideal, but it is possible. By taking care of yourself, setting goals, changing up your environment, maximizing breaks, and focusing on the long-term benefits, you can make the most of an unpleasant work situation.

5 Tips for Surviving a Job You Hate
5 Tips for Surviving a Job You Hate

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