YouTube Creators

God is Grey
Progressive Christian vlogger Brenda shares challenging perspectives on many controversial cultural, political, and theological topics.

Jimmy Snow
Science meets LOL humor as ex-Mormon Jimmy rips apart—often hilariously—the worst organized religion has to offer.

Broaden your mind and grow your heart by checking out this channel’s empathy-inspiring videos about promoting human goodness and building bridges.

Phil Drysdale
A Christian not afraid of asking the hard questions, Phil challenges people to think for themselves when it comes to God and faith.

Be inspired, grow in empathy, and learn about the LGBTQ+ community through this channel’s real stories told by real people.

Kevin Garcia
A self-identified queer Christian, Kevin creates content tackling stigma and answering questions about being LGBTQ+ and Christian.

My Head & Heart Playlist
My personal YouTube playlist of handpicked inspiring, educational videos covering topics like mental health, sexuality, religion, culture, and more.

Mama Doctor Jones
OBGYN and mom of four Dr. Danielle Jones makes down-to-earth, science-based content infused with humor.

Layla Martin
Self-empowering, body positive videos especially helpful for those who may be getting in touch with their sexuality for the first time.

How to Adult
An archived YouTube goldmine of practical, down to earth videos explaining everything from how to do laundry to how to talk to kids.

Documentaries & Docuseries

The Kindness Diaries
Be reminded there is still good in this world and watch this heartwarming series on Netflix.

I am Not Your Guru
Looking to feel inspired, encouraged, and motivated to live genuinely? This super intriguing Netflix documentary about the work of Tony Robbins will not disappoint.

Brené Brown: The Call to Courage
If you have Netflix and an hour to spare, watch this. What Brené shares from her work as a shame researcher is just so good.