A private Facebook group for those who have left or are in the process of leaving Christian evangelicalism/fundamentalism. There are many more “specialized” sub-groups within this group (membership in the main group is required), some of which include:

Progressive Christians
A 11,000+ member private Facebook community of people seeking a “better,” more open-minded way to be Christian.

Posse of Online Spiritual Misfits
A private Facebook group for spiritual seekers who find themselves outside the realms of traditional religious boxes.

Dismantling Purity Culture
A private Facebook community for those wanting to work through the effects of the purity culture movement and its teachings about sexuality, self-worth, relationships, and spirituality.

I Kissed Toxic Church Culture Goodbye
If you’re looking for a space to unpack topics like purity culture, patriarchy, the prosperity gospel, racism, LGBTQ+ oppression, and other harmful aspects of western evangelicalism, this private Facebook group is for you.

The Mighty
A community of readers and contributors bringing people together who face health challenges (including mental illness) and disabilities.