Below is a list of terms I commonly use in my writing, along with their basic meanings. The purpose here is to give you a general point of reference rather than pin down an exact dictionary definition of any one of these terms.

Christian agnostic:
An individual who is drawn to the message and teachings of Jesus yet dismisses the need for theological certainty.

The process of reevaluating your religious faith, what you believe, and why.

Progressing to a place of no longer identifying as belonging to a formerly held religious faith or formerly held religious beliefs.

A Christian individual or group that typically emphasizes belief in the Bible’s inerrancy and authority, literal scriptural interpretation, complementarianism gender roles, heteronormativity, political conservatism, and personal relationship with Jesus.

A person who no longer identifies with the beliefs, values, or subculture of Christian evangelicalism.

Purity culture:
An evangelical movement that places high priority on sexual purity through the promotion of abstinence, modesty, courtship, complementarianism, heteronormativity, and purity rings/pledges.

The process of piecing together a new system of beliefs and values following (or even while simultaneously) deconstructing one’s former ideologies.